Did I seriously just read the words ‘Melissa McBride dancing to Norman Reedus beat boxing between takes in filming’. Like is that seriously a thing that happens.

Leave me here to fucking die. I am fucking done.

It gave me a mighty need to see MMB in skin-tight, shimmering disco pants, platform wooden sandals, black camisole, and Norman in a white, wide-lapel suit, doing Saturday night Fever moves.



Okay so, why is there only ever talk recently about Melissa McBride not getting awards/nominations? I mean, The Grove was good, and she has a good emotional scene, but almost every other character has had scenes/episodes like that. Why just MMB? I would think that,…

Fanboys are a girl’s best friend


I have a strong need for a photoshoot of MMB as Marlyn Monroe in Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, with AL, NR, CC, SY, SG and MC holding her aloft, as they are dressed in tuxes.

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Anonymous said: The Daryl's sorrow music also played after Daryl lost Beth so...





Hmm..yeah it did.  I think it was also playing during Merle’s death, now that I think about it.  *sighs* 

Blame my shipper heart for wondering about it in the first place….

If anon is talking about when daryl’s running looking for beth, that’s not the same song at all. sooo…..yea.

The first thing that comes to mind when reading ‘Daryl’s sorrow music’ is this:

The worlds tiniest violin playing the song of Daryl’s manpain

sorry not sorry



those eyes tho…


those eyes tho…


So I just watched the video in which Jimmy Kimmel had Jen Anniston, Courtney Cox & Lisa Kudrow read lines from a Friends fanfic he wrote, on a recreated set of the apt…

The whole time I was imagining Mel & Norm act many of our favorite caryl fics and I couldn’t stop laughing…



so much armporn in this photo shoot. i can’t stop staring.





Anonymous said: Why did you reset your expecattions? for Caryl? Sorry i saw your post and you and other people were upset and I don't know why you are all sad and worried and it makes me a little sad and worried please explain. Did something happen???




Dear anonymous,

I wouldn’t say I am sad and worried. I would say I am frustrated. The new Entertainment Weekly which is set to come out 9/5/14 has already been released on tablets and you can read for yourself here.

In this article, there is the following snippet:

"There are certainly more couples," confirms Kirkman. Could that also finally mean a match for Daryl Dixon? Kirkman recently responded to a fan’s query about whether Daryl could be gay by answering in the letters section of his comic: "All I can say is that it’s been discussed." As for season 5, Kirkman warns, "Sadly, I would say that Daryl’s situation remains somewhat ambiguous."

It has already been discussed ad nauseum by various other bloggers, so all I will say is that I am sick of TPTB dragging this issue out and refusing to make a stand one way or the other. I do not want to go another season and hiatus with this being a topic that is continually asked about, interviewed about, and argued about in every corner of the internet. It’s tiresome. There are so many other problematic issues relating to this, I can’t begin to address them all. That is all. I am tired and frustrated.

Totally agree! Tptb are playing with shippers for ratings and buzz. There is much more to twd than just who is Daryl going to get with , it’s time to get off the fence. I’m a caryl shipper, I love my ship but ffs either get to it or let me know it’s not gonna happen. I’ll still ship it but will rely on fic instead of waiting on the show. Also the ship fighting is to the point of insanity and needs to end! Carol and the others deserve better.

I don’t even care if they won’t say one way or the other, but if that’s how they’re going to play it they need to just not say anything at all. “Ambiguous” is taunting. It’s manipulative. It’s Kirkman pulling the wings off of insects because it amuses him.  How about “we’d just as soon not tell you and let the show speak for itself”?  God, that would be so refreshing. Just SHUT IT, KIRKMAN, YOU SOULLESS BASTARD.

Love love love all of this!

I was trying to save lives, I had to try. Somebody had to. 
I did something. I stepped up. I had to do something.

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Melissa McBride - EW: “An inside look at season 5 of The Walking Dead”.